Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a specialist service that demands specialist equipment and expertise. For safe, fast and efficient contamination removal, this must be operated with knowledge of air duct systems and the required industry standards.

Using the most effective methods available, Premiair can clean your ducts and equipment with the highest level of efficiency and latest technology, with no disruption to the functioning of your organisation.

Duct Access

Access shall generally be via existing diffusers or duct access panels, however a further inspection of these systems will reveal if/and how many access points are required to efficiently clean these systems. These will be sealed using strengthened metal plates and approved sealant, at no extra cost.

Duct Clean – Supply & Return Ductwork

Using a combination of specialised duct cleaning equipment such as:

  • Duct Vac – Vacuuming equipment with high efficiency filters.
  • Duct Neg. – Negative air pressure particle collection machine.
  • Duct Clean Systems – Brushing & simultaneous vacuuming of duct surfaces.

All horizontal and associated link up duct-work including risers serving the supply, will be cleaned in three separate stages

Manual Stage: Large ducts are physically accessed and using specialised equipment cleaned free of all dust fluff and other residue.

Mechanical Stage: Where physical access is not possible a combination of specialised equipment will be used to blast and sweep the grime from the bottom sides and top of ducts. Simultaneously the entire system is power vacuumed to remove the maximum surface grime, fungus and other foreign matter by equipment with high efficiency filtration to prevent release of duct-work contaminates to occupied area.

Chemical Stage: A fogger is used to spray the cleaned surfaces with a Broad Spectrum Biocide.

Fire Panel

  • To ensure safety during cleaning the fire panel serving this area will require isolation prior to commencement.
  • All work to the highest standard and conforms with all Government Health Authority, Occupational Health and Workplace Regulations and Australian Standards Requirements.
  • Our clean air services are providing you with a clean and healthy working environment.

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